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Cylinder unit

Cylinder unit basically consists of cylinder head, piston, con-rod, cooling jacket and cyliner liner. It can be replaced in a short time after on-time delivery according customer's schedule as these are assembled on the workshop.

It spends a considerable time and occur safety accident during individually changing spare parts or modification after 32,000 hour running time of diesel engine for marine, offshore and power plant. Furthermore, some vessels such as container ships have a short entry/departure time and these vessels can not spend long hours to receive repair and maintanence service.

We have developed and had a patent of assembly of a diesel engine cylinder unit.

Benefit of cylinder unit
  • Time-saving

  • Cost-saving

  • Safety accident Prevention

  • Easy modification

Process of Module Service
  • 1. Consultation between our engineer and a customer

  • 2. Preparation and Inspection of spare parts

  • 3. Assembly cylinder unit

  • 4. Record of assembly process and paper-work

  • 5. Supply a cylinder unit, and if required, engineer attendance with the cylinder unit